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Alive Photography Studio Share – North Boulder Cooperative studio led by Benjamin D. Buren of Alive Studios (http://www.AliveStudios.Com) currently has space available for professional & semi-professional photographers. Having access to a fully equipped and very comfortable studio will impress your clients! Rent is between $200 and $540 per month depending on your needs, and our scheduling availability. Read on to learn more about our facilities equipment list, general membership guidelines, and photos of the space and surrounding shooting locations.

The cooperative studio provides much more than just a shooting location. Our group of professional and semi-professional photographers (visit the Alive Studios Blog – love to hang out and talk shop. Once every few months we all get together to show our latest work, drink vino, and talk about crazy photography experiences. The goal is to inspire and be inspired. Many of our members joined as much for this benefit as for a shooting space.

The studio is designed around a concept of providing multiple shooting stages for a single photographer and can handle groups sizes up to 10 people utilizing our 12’ seamless paper backdrops. An additional 9’ seamless paper backdrop area provides an alternative shooting setup. Both backdrop spaces have natural light streaming in from the East double glass doors. Black out shades also give the option to completely control light.

Inside the Studio:

The surrounding area in North Boulder (address is 4593 Broadway – intersection of Broadway and Yarmouth across from Amante Coffee) also provides great industrial shooting locations for those clients that want both Studio and Outdoor shots. Additionally, Foothills Community Park is just a couple minutes from the studio. Across the street is the infamous coffee shop and wine bar, Amante and three doors down is one of the best restaurants in Boulder, 4580, as well as a Subway if you are so inclined.

The studio is completely set up to walk in and start shooting. Facilities and equipment lists include:

• (1) 1200 Watt White Lightening strobe
• (3) 800 Watt White Lightening strobe
• Wireless flash trigger
• Cybersync controllers with remote for adjusting flash strength
• Dual wall mount telescoping adjustable booms
• Rolling telescoping adjustable boom for backdrop wash and hair light
• Chimera 40” Octo soft box
• (2) 3’x4’ Chimera soft boxes
• Chimera 1’x5x strip soft box
• Chimera 4’x6′ soft box
• 18″ Beauty Dish
• 84″ Umbrella
• Continuous natural daylight Still Shot 2 product tents and lighting
• Gels for creative flash use
• Multiple umbrellas, flags, barn doors, grids, etc. for light shaping
• 12’ backdrop setup with black, white, gray and green screen seamless paper
• 9’ backdrop with many colors
• Music station with speakers, etc. (you supply the source)
• Wireless flash trigger
• Multiple cloth backdrops, stands, reflectors, posing stools, props, etc.
• Changing room with makeup mirror and lights
• Additional couches, seating, etc. to provide a warm inviting atmosphere
• Proximity to coffee shops (Amante), restaurants (Bacco, 4580, Pupusas), parks, industrial shooting locations
• Plenty of free parking
• Central location, only 40 minutes from downtown Denver

Our Basic membership is $280-$320 per month and includes 24/7 access to all the above mentioned amenities, one three hour dedicated block of shooting time per week (12 hours per month), and access to our Online Scheduling Calendar where you can book additional time (up to 3 more hours per week). So, all in all, $280-$320 per month gets you access to over 24 hours of shooting time per month, which works out to about $9/hour for studio rental time! What a deal! We also provide lots of wall space for display of your photographs, access to Custom Picture Framing with Alive Custom Framing at 20% off. Many of our photographers also use the space as a meeting place for potential clients. Much more professional than the coffee shop!

Other levels of membership cater to photographers who need more space, or to those who just shoot casually. You can review our membership types and rates here. Limited memberships are available, check the bottom of the sheet to see if we can accommodate your desire.

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